Sign Up & Get Started:

If you’re ready to get started with Next Order, you’ll need to create a new account, so click Sign Up. If you already have an existing account, click log in with your Next Order account.

Download Next Order - Driver App: Driver App helps stores better track their drivers and always keep their customers updated with real-time driver tracking. Simply add in each delivery, start the order, and have the customer instantly track their order right to the door! Know exactly as the driver is driving back to the store and when to put the next order into the oven. This app constantly uses your GPS to update the store/customer of your location, which can decrease your phones’ battery life. Make sure you keep an in-car charger handy for happy delivery!

How to Track Deliveries: Next Order allows a total experience through real-time driver tracking for your restaurant. Not only that this provides a great customer experience, it will also give you the ability to always know where your drivers are. To get started, click HERE for a quick guide.

Next Order - Point of Sale

Download Next Order - POS App: The Restaurants POS app is an all-in-one restaurant solution. You can manage tables, checks, and team members. Next Order brings together everything you need to streamline your operations and maximize your profitability with a modern Point of Sale. Our Point of Sale runs across any device, removes the need to train staff, and provides one platform to offer your customers a great takeaway, delivery, and dine-in experience.

To get started with Next Order on Point of Sale for the first time, simply create an account or sign in using your email and password to the Next Order Admin panel. Then, copy the Authentication code ( created by default ) from the Admin panel & tap that into the POS screen. Then you can start taking orders/payments.

Add Staff Roles, Staff Members & Create Access Codes:

Add Staff Roles for each team member at your restaurant. You can also create add staff member details, assign roles and create Access Codes for the staff from your Next Order Admin panel to sign in to the POS app, clock in, and start taking orders.

Opening & Closing procedures for Managers:

Managers can start cash drawers, driver floats & close cash drawers; driver floats at the end of the day using the Cashier option available on POS.

We have a quick User Guide for managers to get familiar with opening and closing the store.

Create Menus:

You can create Menus for each location & service - Add Item Categories, Entrees, and appetizers.

Setup Delivery Areas & Create/Edit Shift Hours:

Setup Delivery Areas - You can manage your delivery suburbs, delivery cost, and minimum order value.

Create or Edit Shift Hours - You can Add or Edit your store hours using the Admin panel.

Price Settings

You can set up an increase or decrease in prices for Online Ordering & POS together or set up separately for each using the Price Settings feature. This applies to the following four order types: Walk-in, Pick-up, Delivery & Dine-In.

Setting Up Tax Rates

The Next Order admin panel allows you to add or update tax rates per Category and per item using the Product Taxes feature.

To Add/Update Taxes Per Category:

1. Login to the Next Order - Admin Panel

2. Click on Menu > Product Taxes

3. Then select Per Category on the right side and all the categories added in the Menu will automatically populate with three options under each category: Pickup/Walk-In/Drive-Through, Delivery & Dine-In.

4. Now add/update the Tax percentage for each of these three options above (where required) for the specific category and click save. See the screenshot below for reference:

To Add/Update taxes Per Item:

1. Select Per Item under Product taxes > All the Menu items will automatically populate for each category with the following three options: Pickup/Walk-In/Drive-Through, Delivery & Dine-In.

2. Now add/update the Tax percentage for each of these three options mentioned above (where required) for the specific item and click save. See the screenshot below for reference:

Loyalty Offers & Creating Vouchers for Marketing:

Loyalty Offers - Reward your regular customers & strengthen loyalty.

Creating Vouchers for Marketing - You can Add three voucher types for marketing purposes: Promotional Code, User Voucher, and Discounted Items.

Hardware Setup & Troubleshooting

Once you have received the hardware, you can start setting it up.

Compatible Hardware with Next Order:

Brand Name

Hardware Type



Dot Matrix Printer



Thermal Printers (Ethernet)

TM-T28III, TM-T20 ETH Only, TM-M30 (Bluetooth+ETH+USB), TM-M30II (Bluetooth+ETH+USB), TM-T20X ETH ONLY,


Ethernet Interface Cards



Mobile POS terminal with a 5.45 ̎ HD display

V2 with Built-in receipt printer


15.6'' All In One Android 9.0 POS System


T2S Lite Single & Dual Screen


15.6'' All In One Android 9.0 POS System


T2S Single Screen & Dual Screen


Android Tablets

Tab P11



iPad 4th Gen+

Printer Setup & Diagnosing Printing Issues:

Learn how to set up printers and Diagnose/Troubleshoot printing issues.

Sunmi Hardware Setup :

To get started with your Sunmi hardware and begin taking orders, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the device.

  2. Click the arrow to continue.

  3. Set language and time zone

  4. Connect to Wi-Fi

  5. Confirm ‘Start Configuration’ and wait until the installation is complete (100%)

  6. Check your email for login details.

  7. Download the Next Order POS app from Playstore/Sunmi store and log in.

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