Steps for Adding Staff Roles:

1. Login to the Next Order - Admin Panel

2. Click Settings & then Staff Roles.

3. Under Staff Roles, you can add any specific role ( Manager, Driver, or Waiter ) for your store

4. Enter Role Name > Select Permissions to be granted and Click Add Staff Role.

5. The Staff Role was added successfully & would appear on top as shown in the video. You can also De-activate staff roles by clicking the De-activate button.

Add Staff Details, Assign Role & Create Access Codes:

1. After the Staff Role has been added, you can enter the Staff member details, assign roles and create an Access Code.

2. Click Staff under settings > Enter Staff Details ( First & Last Name, Mobile, Email ) > Click Next.

3. Select the Primary Role ( Manager, Driver etc.) to be assigned to the Staff member > Click Next > Select Other Role if you want to give more than one role to a staff member > Click Next > An Access Code by Default will automatically populate. Still, you can enter a 4-digit Access Code of your own choice and click Add.

4. The Staff member has now been added successfully, and the access code has been created as well. Details for the staff member will show above as shown in the video. You can also De-activate Staff members using the De-activate button.

5. Once this is added for any staff member after entering the authentication code on the POS they would need to enter their Access Code to start placing orders under Walk-in, Pickup, Delivery & Dine-In.

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