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Diagnosing Printing Issues
Diagnosing Printing Issues

Checklist to follow when diagnosing an issue with restaurant printers

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  1. Turn the printer off and unplug all cables. Plug all cables back in, hold down the “Feed Button” on top of the printer, and turn it back on again.

  2. Make note of the IP address on the test print, if it is printing as NONE there is a network issue.

  3. If no docket is printing at all, check there is a roll of paper is in the printer. If the docket is half printing there is a hardware issue and it will need to be replaced.

  4. Check the lights on the top of the printer - Make sure there are no flashing red/orange lights - Lights should be blue / no lights displayed

  5. Check the lights are flashing on the back of the printer - This indicates it is connected to the network

  6. Attempt a Reprint on the POS - Check to see if the printer status is “Connected” from the print settings screen.

If printing is still not working

  1. Check the Printer is on the same wifi network as the tablet / there are not multiple networks active in the restaurant. (The printer has to be on the same wifi as the device for it to work)

  2. Restart the wifi router

  3. If the printer is a thermal model, follow the reset procedures for the printer. If you reset an impact U220 you will need to reconfigure it using EPSON NETCONFIG which will take 10-15 mins - this may not be possible during service

  4. Try Printing Again

Error Lights

If the Error LED is on:

  1. Check whether the roll paper cover is correctly closed

  2. If the Paper LED is on, check whether the roll paper is correctly installed

If the Error LED is flashing:

  1. Check whether the paper is jammed. If it is jammed, remove it (Printing stops if the thermal head overheats and resumes automatically when it cools).

  2. For other cases, turn the printer off, and after 10 seconds, turn it back on.

Reset Procedure

  1. Turn the printer off.

  2. Use a paper clip or tip of a pen to press and hold the reset on the back of the printer. (The reset button is a small dot next to the network cable)

  3. While holding the reset button, turn the printer on.

  4. Continue to hold the reset button. After 5 seconds, a warning will print out. Release the reset button.

Older Epson printers and the U220 models will default to IP address, in this case, follow this guide on how to do the configuration.

For further assistance or to order replacement hardware please contact us on live chat or email [email protected]

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